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when the customer request for a quotation our salesman will do the quotation. If it is agreed on CityPos will prepare your items and generate an invoice, customer can pick up the items from the showroom or request a delivery  

Payment methods accepted

The acceptable payment method is either cash or bank transfer


If the customer orders products that are out of stock and must be ordered from the factory, the customer has to pay the 100% value of the products in advance or whatever is agreed with him. The payment shall be non-refundable in case he changed his mind or canceled his order. In case of canceling the order because of delays in the delivery for 30 days beyond the agreed period, the customer has the right to recover the whole amount paid.


Device Life Span?

Point Of Sale devices develops quickly which decreases their cost with the passage of time and decreases their life span due to the development of new products. Maintenance charges and spare parts could be costly compared to the new devices, thus life span for the products is only two years as the maintenance process after two years may require spare parts which are discontinued by the factory and to be specially manufactured which make its cost higher than the new device.


The warranty covers fixing and replacing spare parts for free in case of poor manufacturing, not replacing the product, or refunding the money.